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Owen Tyler Sussman: A Look at the Life of Ricki Lake’s Son

by Charles Henderson

Owen Tyler Sussman is the son of American actress and talk show host Ricki Lake. While Owen may not be a celebrity himself, being the child of a famous personality has garnered some interest and attention over the years. This article takes a deeper look at Owen’s family background, upbringing, relationships, and milestones.


Owen Tyler Sussman was born in 2004 to actress and talk show host Ricki Lake and her former husband, Rob Sussman. He is the younger brother of Milo Sebastian Sussman, Ricki Lake’s older son born in 1997. While Owen has largely stayed out of the spotlight, his relation to Ricki Lake has resulted in some public interest in his life and background.

As the son of a celebrity mother, Owen’s experiences growing up were likely shaped by Ricki Lake’s fame and career. However, he has maintained a relatively private personal life. This article explores Owen’s family ties, childhood, relationships, achievements, and more.

Early Life and Family

Owen’s Parents and Upbringing

Owen Tyler Sussman was born in 2004 in the United States to parents Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman. His mother, Ricki, is known for her acting roles in films like Hairspray and her popular talk show which ran from 1993 to 2004. Owen’s father, Rob, worked in the fashion industry.

Owen has an older brother named Milo Sebastian Sussman, born in 1997. Having a six year age gap, the brothers have a significant difference in life stages.

The family lived in California, where Ricki’s television show was taped. By all accounts, Owen had a comfortable and nurturing upbringing with his famous mother and out-of-the-spotlight father.

Impact of Parents’ Divorce

In 2003, when Owen was still an infant, his parents Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman made the decision to divorce after 10 years of marriage. This undoubtedly impacted Owen’s early life and childhood.

Ricki retained custody of both Owen and his older brother Milo after the divorce. The boys were raised primarily by their mother, who worked to balance her career and family life as a single parent.

By many accounts, Ricki prioritized her parenting and made sure to provide a loving home for her sons despite the challenges of divorce. She has stated that the divorce made her reevaluate her priorities.

Personal Life

Interests and Hobbies

As the son of a celebrity, Owen Sussman has largely stayed out of the public eye and maintained a private personal life. Little is known about his specific interests or hobbies.

However, given his mother Ricki Lake’s statements about prioritizing family time, it can be presumed that Owen had a relatively normal American childhood. He likely participated in school activities and bonded with his older brother Milo through shared interests like sports, video games, music, or movies.


Details on Owen Sussman’s education have not been made public. He likely attended school in California, where his family was based. Given his date of birth in 2004, Owen would be around 19 years old today in 2023.

If he followed a traditional educational path, he may currently be enrolled in college or taking a gap year to determine his future plans. Owen has not openly discussed any specific career goals or aspirations.


Since Owen Sussman has lived his life outside of the public eye, there is little information available about any specific achievements or accomplishments so far. However, some context clues give insight into Owen’s skills and prospects.

Given his mother Ricki Lake’s intelligence and career success, it is likely that education and achievement were emphasized in Owen’s upbringing. He may have done well academically or participated in extracurricular activities. Sources have described Owen as creative and sociable.

As Owen continues to grow up, he will likely begin making his own path and may choose to pursue creative endeavors, higher education, entrepreneurship, or a future out of the spotlight.

Relationship with Ricki Lake

Impact of Ricki’s Career

Growing up with a celebrity mother undoubtedly had an influence on Owen Sussman’s childhood experiences. Ricki Lake’s career as an actress and talk show host required her to split her time between work and parenting.

However, by many accounts, Ricki prioritized her sons and worked to give them a loving, balanced home life. She has described efforts to keep her work and family time separate and shield her children from fame.

Owen likely had a comfortable lifestyle with additional privileges thanks to Ricki’s career success and income. But his mother also made sure he had normal childhood experiences and quality family time.

Mother-Son Bond

By all indications, Owen and his mother Ricki Lake have a very strong, loving mother-son bond. Ricki has emphasized how much she values her role as a parent.

She has shared heartfelt tributes to her sons on their birthdays and joy at spending time together as a family. Ricki often expresses pride in the young men Owen and Milo have become.

Despite divorce and remarriage, Owen appears to have a close relationship with his devoted mother. Ricki’s statements reveal a deep mutual love and respect between them.

Career and Achievements

Net Worth

As a teenager and young adult, Owen Sussman does not yet appear to have established an independent career or source of income. Instead, his financial status is tied to his parents’ success and support.

Owen’s mother Ricki Lake has an estimated net worth around $16 million. His father, fashion executive Rob Sussman, likely also provides additional support.

While Owen may receive some financial privileges from his family’s wealth, he is currently focused on education and skills to eventually pursue his own career and financial independence.

Endeavors Outside Spotlight

Unlike other celebrity offspring who leverage their family fame for their own notoriety, Owen Sussman has maintained a low profile outside of the spotlight.

He has not appeared to seek out any reality television appearances, media interviews, brand partnerships, or entertainment industry roles because of his mother’s celebrity status.

Instead, Owen appears focused on his private education and personal development as he comes of age. Any of his current or future professional endeavors are not publicly known.

Connection to Milo

Close Sibling Bond

Despite their six-year age difference, Owen is said to have a very close relationship with his older brother Milo. They share the common bond of growing up with the same famous mother.

Being so far apart in age means that Milo and Owen were likely not constant childhood playmates. However, they appear to have built a strong sibling connection as Owen grew older.

Ricki Lake has proudly shared her joy at seeing her sons bond as young men, indicating their brotherly love and friendship.

Shared Experiences

In addition to growing up in the same household, Owen and Milo Sussman also share the unique experiences of being brothers and sons of a celebrity mother.

They had a similar unconventional upbringing with a mom in the limelight. Both brothers value their privacy and have avoided seeking out fame of their own.

The two may have also bonded over shared interests like music, pop culture, and sports as Owen got older. Their six-year age gap lessened as Owen entered his teens.

The brothers occasionally make joint public appearances with their mother for special events, showing their close family ties.

Notable Events

18th Birthday

In 2022, Owen Sussman celebrated his 18th birthday, marking a significant life milestone of legally becoming an adult. His mother Ricki posted a loving social media tribute for his birthday.

The post highlighted how proud Ricki is of the thoughtful, creative young man Owen has matured into. She noted his passions for music, animals, and social justice.

Reaching this rite of passage likely opened up new opportunities and adventures for adulthood that Owen will continue exploring.

High School Graduation

Around 2022 or 2023, Owen likely completed his high school education. His graduation would mark an important achievement as well as a transition into a new life stage.

While his graduation details are kept private, this milestone would allow Owen to move forward with higher education, career development, or other goals for young adulthood.

Ricki Lake would undoubtedly be a very proud mother celebrating her son’s graduation and excited for his future.


Despite growing up in the shadow of his celebrity mother Ricki Lake, Owen Sussman has maintained a private, low-key existence and avoided the spotlight himself. He appears focused on his education and personal growth.

Owen is incredibly close with his mother and brother Milo. By all accounts, he has a strong family support system. As Owen comes of age, he will likely begin defining his own path and pursuing his interests.

The limited glimpses into Owen’s life show a down-to-earth young man shaping up to have a bright future. While fame and fortune are likely options thanks to his mom’s career, Owen seems. The limited glimpses into Owen’s life show a down-to-earth young man shaping up to have a bright future. While fame and fortune are likely options thanks to his mom’s career, Owen seems grounded in normalcy and family bonds despite his unconventional upbringing.

As Owen Sussman continues navigating young adulthood, this period will be crucial for exploring his identity and cementing his values. Owen will shape his own legacy separate from being known just as the son of Ricki Lake.

The unconditional support of his devoted mother and brother will give Owen the confidence to fearlessly pursue his passions, wherever they may lead. Though Owen has many possibilities ahead, he appears focused on finding fulfillment over fame.

Ricki Lake’s son has thus far honored his privacy, but chosen glimpses into his world reveal a thoughtful old soul. As Owen comes into his own, his mother will surely remain his biggest cheerleader while giving him space to chart his own course.

The full shape of Owen Sussman’s future is his to create. But given the wisdom and creativity he has inherited from his family, there is no limit on the good Owen can do with his life. He has all the tools to craft an existence filled with purpose, joy, and connection.

Owen’s next chapter promises to be an exciting one as he embraces the unknown possibilities of adulthood. While the public may never know the full story, his mother will be proud of the man he becomes.

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