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Jake Dominick DeLuise: Carrying on a Prominent Family Legacy in Hollywood

by Charles Henderson

Jake Dominick DeLuise may not be a household name yet, but this up-and-coming actor descends from Hollywood royalty. As the son of prolific director Peter DeLuise and grandson of the late, great comic actor Dom DeLuise, entertainment runs deep in Jake’s blood. But the talented thespian is forging his own path on the silver screen.

Jake Dominick DeLuise

With rugged good looks and undeniable charisma, Jake Dominick DeLuise possesses all the makings of a leading man. Though only in his mid-20s, DeLuise already boasts nearly 20 screen credits in television and film. His sharp trajectory hints at even greater success to come for the young artist.

DeLuise descends from a venerable entertainment lineage. His grandfather, Dom DeLuise, renowned for scene-stealing comedic performances in Blazing SaddlesThe Cannonball Run, and other classics, amassed a prolific career spanning nearly 50 years. Jake’s father, Peter DeLuise, carried on the family tradition as a television director and actor.

But Jake is proving he has the talent and magnetism to stand apart from his ancestors and make his own mark. With supporting turns in several high-profile projects under his belt, DeLuise seems destined to graduate to leading man status before long.

Early Life and Family

Born on February 12, 1994, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jake DeLuise entered the world with entertainment royalty in his bloodline. His parents, director Peter DeLuise and actress Anne Marie DeLuise, met in 1991 on the set of the sci-fi adventure series seaQuest DSV, which Peter helmed and Anne Marie guest-starred in.

Jake grew up with his parents and younger sister, Riley, in Los Angeles. His grandfather, iconic comic actor Dom DeLuise, also actively participated in Jake’s upbringing before passing away in 2009 at the age of 75.

Dom DeLuise enjoyed a prolific career spanning film, television, and Broadway between the 1960s and 1990s. With his hearty laugh, mischievous grin, and gift for physical comedy, the husky, jovial performer became a staple in Mel Brooks films like Blazing SaddlesHistory of the World: Part ISpaceballs, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

DeLuise also frequently collaborated with Burt Reynolds in lighthearted fare like The EndThe Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and The Cannonball Run franchise. Additionally, he voiced major characters in animated films including An American Tail and Oliver & Company. With his ebullient comedic style and warm, larger-than-life persona on and off screen, it’s easy to see how the senior DeLuise made an indelible impact on his grandson.

Personal Life and Relationships

As the scion of a famous Hollywood family, Jake Dominick DeLuise largely keeps his personal life out of the public eye. However, he maintains an active presence on social media, giving fans a window into his interests and relationships.

DeLuise frequently posts photos with family and friends on Instagram. Pictures with his sister Riley, an actress and model, indicate a close bond between the siblings. Jake also shares endearing throwback images with his late grandfather Dom, demonstrating the resonance of that relationship.

Romantically, DeLuise appears to be unattached at the moment. The single young actor concentrates his Instagram posts on his work, family, and hobbies instead of any significant other. However, that bachelor status will likely make Jake even more appealing to his growing fanbase.

On social media, DeLuise comes across as charming and charismatic. He interacts warmly with fans and isn’t afraid to show his playful side in videos and photos. With his good looks, boundless energy, quick wit, and evident compassion, it’s easy to see why the actor accrues admirers both online and on screen.

Career in the Entertainment Industry

Jake DeLuise followed his family legacy into the entertainment business at an early age. By seven years old, he held his first professional acting credit, appearing as a child guest star on his father Peter’s hit syndicated series Stargate SG-1 in 2002.

In the late 2000s, the adolescent DeLuise picked up more guest spots on episodic television in shows like The AssistantsjPod, and Troopers. During this period, he also started getting mileage in TV movies like Depth ChargeBeyond Loch Ness, and The Uninvited.

After building experience in his early teens, DeLuise landed his breakout role at age 17 in The CW’s gritty Western crime drama Hellcats (2010-2011). Top-billed by stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka, DeLuise held his own as Jake Randall, a football player caught up in an IRS investigation.

Hellcats marked DeLuise’s coming out as an actor to watch. He soon secured another major part in the police drama 21 Jump Street (2012-2014). Based on the 1980s series of the same name, the show adapted for the modern age with DeLuise playing Dustin Nichols, a police officer working undercover in high school.

During 21 Jump Street‘s run, DeLuise also booked a significant supporting role in the sci-fi adventure film seaQuest DSV (2013), an adaptation of the 1990s television show his parents met on. DeLuise portrayed Lucas Wolenczak, a teenager and prodigy designer of the futuristic submarine seaQuest.

The mid-2010s saw the actor steadily accruing screen time in both film and television projects. His credits from the period include the coming-of-age movie 1 Chance 2 Dance (2014), the TNT law enforcement show Cold Justice (2015), and the Crackle original sitcom Tightrope (2016-2017).

DeLuise gained particular notice for his performance as JJ Collins in the gritty Canadian frontier series Strange Empire (2015). Set in 1869 Alberta, the drama follows three women forced to protect themselves amid chaos after the men in their town are murdered. As a Catholic priest concealing his Aboriginal heritage, DeLuise demonstrated nuance tackling a complex character.

Most recently, DeLuise landed his first lead role in the 2019 indie drama Between the Lines. He received positive reviews as Noah, a high school senior struggling with anxiety and alienation. Playing a troubled character pivoting between rage and vulnerability allowed DeLuise to showcase impressive range as a maturing actor.

With nearly 20 screen credits under his belt before age 30, Jake Dominick DeLuise displays directing talent and charisma that should win him more leading parts soon. Given his famous surname, the actor only needs to keep proving he has the chops to avoid being dismissed as just another Hollywood scion riding on his family’s coattails.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

As an actor rapidly gaining prominence, Jake Dominick DeLuise boasts an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. Given his youth and ascending career, that wealth figure can be expected to swell substantially in the near future.

DeLuise’s net worth derives predominantly from his television and film work over the past decade. With salaries for supporting roles ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand, his two dozen credits have accrued considerable earnings.

Living in Los Angeles his entire life also gives DeLuise insight into leveraging his income. The actor makes savvy real estate investments, currently owning two properties in desirable neighborhoods. He also indulges his passion for cars with an impressive collection of vehicles.

DeLuise has been photographed driving high-end automobiles like a BMW M4 coupe, Audi R8 Spyder, and Tesla Model X. He also shares images on social media of his classic Chevrolet Corvettes fully restored. These extravagant purchases demonstrate that DeLuise enjoys splurging his wealth once he secures a big payday.

Between his real estate holdings and taste for luxury vehicles, DeLuise leverages his acting income to fund a comfortable, upscale lifestyle. With his Hollywood pedigree and connections, he understands the value of making his earnings work for him. As his fame and compensation continue rising, expect DeLuise’s net worth and spending to scale up accordingly.

Personality and Features

By all accounts, Jake Dominick DeLuise possesses equal measures of talent and charisma that make him stand out on screen. The camera loves the actor, and he returns its affection with confidence and magnetism.

Standing 6-feet tall with an athletic physique, DeLuise cuts a striking figure. He leverages his rugged good looks and piercing blue eyes to convey intensity and brooding emotion. Yet with a megawatt smile and easy laugh, the actor also excels at charm and humor whenever a role demands it.

DeLuise displays a high degree of professionalism and commitment in his work. He brings an admirable work ethic to every set and rehearsal space. The actor also doesn’t hesitate to tackle challenging material, showcasing emotional range and vulnerability when the actor also doesn’t hesitate to tackle challenging material, showcasing emotional range and vulnerability when a role calls for it. For example, he bravely took on depicting his character’s struggles with anxiety and alienation in the heavy drama Between the Lines.

Colleagues and directors praise DeLuise’s dedication to fully inhabiting whatever part he plays. Despite his young age, he demonstrates maturity and sage instincts in his creative choices. He works diligently at mastering accents, mannerisms, and skills like horseback riding required for a role.

DeLuise also earns acclaim for his collaborative spirit on set. He meshes seamlessly with ensemble casts, listening and responding intuitively to fellow performers. The actor understands the value of being a team player in service of the greater artistic vision.

At the same time, his magnetic persona shines through naturally whenever the cameras roll. DeLuise inhabits roles so fully he seems to disappear into characters completely. Combined with his family’s ingrained show business lineage, the young talent displays all the makings of an artist beyond his years.

As his screen career advances, expect DeLuise to continuously showcase surprising range and depth. His wholesome good looks combined with his willingness to explore dark, challenging themes makes the actor endlessly compelling to watch. He has both the charisma and skillset to ascend to the top of Hollywood’s A-List sooner rather than later.

Achievements and Recognition

Only in his late 20s, Jake Dominick DeLuise already shows tremendous promise that hints at even greater achievements ahead. While he has yet to land major industry accolades, the actor has earned high praise from critics and co-stars alike.

Reviewing his performance in 2019’s Between the Lines, IndieWire applauded DeLuise for his “clear-eyed sincerity” and ability to depict “youthful insecurity and isolation with heart-rending verisimilitude.” Meanwhile, his nuanced supporting turn in Strange Empire also earned the actor critical plaudits.

On both shows, DeLuise’s co-stars spoke glowingly of his dedication and talent. The producers of 21 Jump Street in particular highlighted the actor’s outstanding work ethic and rapport with the cast. They credit DeLuise with gelling seamlessly into the show’s young ensemble and elevating every scene.

Within the industry, DeLuise garners high praise for his punctuality, memorization skills, and collaborative spirit. Directors admire his ability take direction and adjust his performance to align with their vision. With two decades in Hollywood through his familial connections, DeLuise understands the importance of professionalism.

The actor counts being accepted into the prestigious 3-year Meisner program at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York City as one of his biggest honors so far. Studying this intensive approach to immersive character acting helps DeLuise build on his already impressive instincts and talent.

As Jake Dominick DeLuise transitions into leading man territory, major awards recognition will surely follow. For now, the most significant achievement for the young actor remains diligently honing his craft and consistently delivering standout performances. By all accounts, this burgeoning Hollywood star has the work ethic and skills to ascend to the top of the entertainment industry in short order.


Although only in his 20s, Jake Dominick DeLuise continues an esteemed family show business lineage with poise and burgeoning talent. The grandson of iconic comic actor Dom DeLuise, Jake grew up in entertainment and developed a deep passion for performance.

With nearly 20 film and television credits showcasing his magnetism, emotional range, and disciplined work ethic, DeLuise emerges as a star on the rise. His memorable turns in projects like Between the Lines and Strange Empire hint at the greater success on the horizon for this charismatic young actor.

As he segues into leading man roles, DeLuise will expand on the considerable gifts he inherited from his artistic ancestry. By all indications, this dedicated actor has both the skill and drive to build a prolific Hollywood career for himself and make the venerable DeLuise name proud. Audiences and critics alike eagerly anticipate watching Jake Dominick DeLuise completely come into his own on screens big and small for decades to come.

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