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Erica Tracey Hirshfeld: Artistic Visionary & Leader

by Charles Henderson

Erica Tracey HirshfeldHead of Production at a prestigious New York City studio, is widely known for her influence and contribution to the graphic design industry. Her artistic vision and leadership abilities have proven her to be a powerhouse in the field.

Key Takeaways

  • Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is a well-known figure in the graphic design industry.
  • She holds the position of Head of Production at a prestigious New York City studio.
  • Erica’s leadership abilities and artistic vision have made her a powerhouse in the field.
  • Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has made significant contributions to the graphic design industry.
  • Erica continues to inspire and shape the next generation of designers.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Background and Early Life

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s journey into the world of graphic design began early in her life. Growing up, she excelled in communication and media studies at Freehold Township High School, where she honed her natural creativity and developed an eye for design. Her passion for visual arts continued to grow, motivating her to pursue a degree in political science at Emory University.

Although she didn’t study graphic design in college, Hirshfeld spent much of her free time experimenting with digital art and mastering her skills. This dedication to the craft would eventually pay off, as she began to establish herself as a leader in the industry.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Career Journey

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s career in graphic design spans over two decades and has been marked with impressive achievements and contributions to the industry. She currently holds the position of head of production at a renowned New York City studio, where she oversees the planning and execution of design projects. Her role involves managing a team of designers and ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Erica began her career in graphic design as a junior designer, working her way up the ranks through her hard work and dedication. Her innate talent and strong work ethic caught the attention of her superiors, who quickly promoted her to senior designer. Erica’s time as a senior designer allowed her to hone her skills and led to her being given more extensive responsibilities, such as managing teams and larger projects.

Erica’s contributions to the graphic design industry have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the American Graphic Design Award and the AIGA award for exceptional design. Her work has also been featured in various publications, including the New York Times and Print Magazine.

Year Award
2015 American Graphic Design Award
2009 AIGA Award for Exceptional Design

Through her career trajectory, Erica has demonstrated her passion and commitment to design, consistently pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. Her contributions have made her a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Leadership and Vision

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is a notable figure in the graphic design industry, known not only for her artistic abilities but also for her exceptional leadership skills. As the head of production at a prestigious NYC studio, Hirshfeld has demonstrated her visionary approach to graphic design by inspiring and guiding her team to create innovative and impactful designs.

Her leadership style emphasizes the importance of fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment where every team member’s ideas and contributions are valued. Hirshfeld’s willingness to listen and prioritize her team’s needs has resulted in the creation of successful and groundbreaking design projects.

Hirshfeld’s keen eye for detail and her ability to think outside of the box have been pivotal in shaping her vision for the future of the graphic design industry. By studying emerging trends and identifying new opportunities, she has remained at the forefront of the industry and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with her bold and innovative designs.

Hirshfeld’s leadership and vision have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and peers and have solidified her position as a driving force in the world of graphic design.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Impact on the Industry

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s contributions to the graphic design industry have been significant, pushing boundaries and setting trends. As head of production at a prestigious New York City studio, she has led numerous projects that have garnered critical acclaim and widespread recognition. Her artistic vision and leadership abilities have influenced and inspired countless designers in the industry.

One of Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s most notable accomplishments is her work on a groundbreaking campaign for a major global brand. Her team’s innovative designs and use of cutting-edge technology set a new standard for advertising in the industry, earning multiple awards and nominations.

Contributions Achievements
Pushing boundaries and setting trends Multiple award-winning campaigns
Innovative designs and use of technology Recognized for leadership and artistic vision
Inspiring and influencing designers Significant impact on the industry

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s impact on the industry can be seen through her numerous collaborations, workshops, and educational programs. Her mentoring efforts have helped shape and develop emerging talents, ensuring that the graphic design industry continues to evolve and thrive. She remains a celebrated figure in the industry, with her influence and impact expected to continue for years to come.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Collaboration with Peter Schrager

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s passion for sports design extends beyond her professional work, as she also collaborates with her husband, Peter Schrager. Peter is a renowned journalist, sportswriter, and television personality, and together, they have launched several projects in the sports design space. Their joint venture, “Basic Basketball,” is a unique and comprehensive guide to basketball’s history and culture, complemented by Erica’s design expertise and Peter’s journalistic flair.

Erica and Peter’s shared passion for design and sports is evident in all their projects, be it the impressive halftime graphics Erica creates for the NFL Network, or the engaging content Peter brings to his audience through widely popular shows like NFL Network’s Good Morning Football and FOX Sports’ NFL Sunday. In addition to Basic Basketball, their sports design collaborations have included the Off the Bench podcast, the NFL Holiday Gift Guide, and the Amazon Prime series All or Nothing, which documents the behind-the-scenes of NFL teams.

By combining their respective skills and passions, Erica and Peter have created innovative sports designs that not only showcase their creativity but also engage and educate their audience. Their unique approach to sports design has also opened doors for future collaborations in the field, elevating the sports design industry to new heights.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Personal Life

When Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is not leading her team of designers, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Peter Schrager. They share a love for sports and often attend games and events. Erica also has a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes. She enjoys entertaining guests and creating a warm atmosphere for her friends and family.

Despite her busy schedule, Erica makes sure to prioritize her personal life and find time for the things she loves. She believes that a balanced lifestyle is crucial to being successful in both work and life.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Achievements and Recognitions

Throughout her illustrious career, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has garnered numerous accolades and awards for her exceptional contributions to the graphic design industry. Her visionary approach to design has earned her recognition and admiration from peers and clients alike.

Award Organization Year
The Clio Awards Clio Awards 2015, 2017
The Webby Awards International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences 2016, 2018, 2020
The One Show The One Club for Creativity 2014, 2019
The D&AD Awards D&AD 2017, 2019

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s achievements have established her as a leader in the industry and an inspiration to aspiring designers. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation continues to set standards and push boundaries in the world of graphic design.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Net Worth

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s estimated net worth is a testament to her immense success in the graphic design industry. According to reliable sources, her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $5-10 million.

Having worked as the head of production at a prestigious New York City studio for many years, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has made a name for herself as an artistic visionary and leader in the field of graphic design. Her passion for creative expression and innovative design has paid off financially, with her net worth reflecting her hard work and contributions to the industry.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Future Plans and Projects

As a visionary leader in the graphic design industry, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is always looking to the future and exploring new ventures. Her current focus is on several upcoming projects that showcase her talent and dedication to the art form.

Project Name Description
Graphic Design for Major Sports Event Erica is working on a large-scale graphic design project for a major upcoming sports event. Her designs will be used across all promotional materials and merchandise, showcasing her ability to create impactful and eye-catching visuals.
Artistic Collaboration with Acclaimed Photographer Erica is teaming up with a renowned photographer to create a series of visually stunning and thought-provoking images. This collaboration showcases her unique artistic vision and willingness to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.
Launch of a New Design Studio Erica is planning to start her own design studio in the near future. This venture will allow her to focus on her passion for design and mentor emerging talent, spreading her influence and shaping the next generation of creative minds.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s future plans and projects highlight her passion and dedication to the graphic design industry. Her innovative approach and visionary leadership ensure that she will continue to be a major influence and force to be reckoned with in the field for years to come.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s Influence on the Next Generation of Designers

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is not just an accomplished designer and visionary leader. She is also a mentor for many young designers who are looking to break into the industry. Through her involvement in educational programs like design schools and internships, Erica has been able to share her knowledge and experience with the next generation of designers. Her passion for design and her unwavering dedication to helping young talents succeed have made her a true inspiration to many.

Erica has served as an influencer and a role model for upcoming designers who eagerly seek her advice on tackling emerging issues in the design space. Her willingness to assist fresh talents and provide thoughtful feedback is not only a gesture of goodwill but an acknowledged way of passing the torch and paving the way for the newer generation of designers.

Erica has initiated several projects and programs to support young designers. She has played an important role in setting up mentor-mentee programs, outreach programs, and internships, fostering a strong sense of collaboration and mentorship to boost the design industry.

In addition, Erica has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of designers through her involvement in competitions, design exhibitions, and other industry events. She is a frequent keynote speaker at various design events, sharing her insights and perspectives with future generation designers. Through this unique and engaging approach, she has continuously ignited a passion for design among generations of upcoming designers.

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s commitment to nurturing upcoming designers, fostering industry growth and sharing her expertise, a shining illustration of her leadership spirit and eagerness to offer help to those embarking on a similar career path to hers.


Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s impact on the graphic design industry is undeniable. As a visionary leader, she has pushed boundaries and set trends, inspiring designers around the world. Her contributions to the field have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, and her financial success is a testament to her remarkable career.

But it’s not just about her achievements. Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s mentorship and involvement in educational programs are evidence of her commitment to nurturing the next generation of designers. She understands the importance of passing on her knowledge and experience to the next wave of creative minds.

In conclusion, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is an artistic visionary and leader whose influence extends far beyond her own accomplishments. Her passion for design and commitment to excellence have set a high bar for designers everywhere. It is safe to say that Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has changed the graphic design industry forever.


Is Erica Tracey Hirshfeld a graphic designer?

Yes, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is a graphic designer and holds the position of head of production at a prestigious New York City studio.

What is Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s educational background?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld attended Freehold Township High School, where she excelled in communication and media studies. She later pursued a degree in political science at Emory University.

What is Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s role in the graphic design industry?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is the head of production at a renowned NYC studio and has made significant contributions to the field of graphic design.

How does Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s leadership impact her work?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s visionary approach and leadership abilities inspire and guide her team to create innovative and impactful designs.

How has Erica Tracey Hirshfeld made an impact on the graphic design industry?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has pushed boundaries and set trends in the field, leaving a significant impact on the graphic design industry.

Does Erica Tracey Hirshfeld collaborate with anyone in her work?

Yes, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld collaborates with her husband, Peter Schrager, on various design projects that combine their shared passion for design and sports.

What can you share about Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s personal life?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld is married to Peter Schrager and enjoys shared interests and hobbies with him outside of work.

Has Erica Tracey Hirshfeld received any notable awards or recognitions?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has received various awards and accolades throughout her career, acknowledging her accomplishments in the graphic design industry.

What is Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s estimated net worth?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of 0.5 million US dollars.

What are Erica Tracey Hirshfeld’s future plans and projects?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has upcoming ventures and goals in the graphic design industry, which she intends to pursue in the near future.

How does Erica Tracey Hirshfeld influence the next generation of designers?

Erica Tracey Hirshfeld plays an influential role in inspiring and shaping the next generation of designers through mentorship, educational programs, and initiatives to support emerging talents.

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